Although we regularly advise clients in a broad range of matters, our focus is litigation.  We understand what can, and what cannot, be accomplished in a courtroom and counsel our clients accordingly.  We have been to trial on numerous cases, both large and small.  Any dispute important to our clients is important to us.

Litigation involves both risk and opportunity.  A legal dispute is often a turning point in the life of an individual or the success of a company.  For this reason, the bond between client and counsel is important.  Commitment and trust is required on both sides.  Our dedication to clients is complete and unwavering, and must be so.  Although many firms pursue a general practice, we choose to narrow the scope of our practice in order to focus our skills and increase our client’s chances of success.


Our firm exists for one purpose: to serve our clients. We are a firm of action and results, rather than theory.  Every client matter is unique, complex, and deserving of careful attention.  Therefore, we limit the numbers of clients and cases that we accept.  From the outset, we help the client define attainable objectives and then work tirelessly toward achieving them.


We staff our cases with precision.  Some firms put large teams to work on their cases.  While this seems appealing, it is inefficient and often results in disappointing outcomes.  While we employ a team concept, we strongly believe that the lawyer who stands up in front of the judge, jury, or arbitrator must have been the same person who shaped the strategy, met with the witnesses, and attended the inspections and depositions.  Expertise is valuable only when fully applied.